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Cheering all things beautiful, ranging from art, interior design, home decor and technology. HingeHeads are decorative door ornaments that fit on the top or bottom of your door hinges. Learn more about HingeHeads at:

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Lucky Door Charms

New designs in the works. This miniature hinge sculpture will be available in four different finishes. To be released in time for Valentines Day. #lucky #art

By Lil Dragon January 25, 2013


We switched our online store to Shopify last year. Very satisfied with it!

By Lil Dragon January 20, 2013

Rainy Sunday

Editing photos on a rainy Sunday afternoon while watching a movie. Bliss!

By Lil Dragon December 30, 2012

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Another way HingeHeads are making a difference during National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Express your support for a friend or family member who has survived breast cancer — or is still fighting their battle. We will be donating 100% of the sale of ...

By Lil Dragon October 2, 2012

Man On The Moon

#cheersday #space We can't put a hinge on the moon. But we can put a Moonwalker on a hinge. This one is for all the brave space explorers!

By Lil Dragon July 20, 2012

Lego Bridge By Megx

Street artist Megx converted a bridge in Wuppertal (Germany) into a giant Lego structure using colored panels that create the illusion of being the underside of Lego bricks. The bridge is part of an old train line that has been converted to a pedestrian ...

By Lil Dragon July 5, 2012


#flashbacks This was the stuff back then. 12 Digits!

By Lil Dragon May 18, 2012


Having a total 80s #flashback here 

By Lil Dragon May 18, 2012

Big Hair

#flashbacks The 1960’s was a time of statement making hairstyles.

By Lil Dragon May 18, 2012