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Speeding On The Ebike

For those of u who don't know , ebikes are the attention of all hate on the road. Others cars think you're too slow and pedestrians are jealous . Legally an ebike should only go 30 km/h or so , meaning most of the time you are going almost half the speed ...

By Alana;;xo May 18, 2012

How We Did It Back In The Day

Who else started their drinking years with cheap beer ;) ? Weve all been young and broke looking for a good time at some point. This pic brings back so many memories <3.

By Alana;;xo April 17, 2012

Delicious Cupcakes Full Of Win !

Yay to explorations of flavour! Cherry coconut, vanilla & root beer , key lime & orange ! Us girls rein supreme in the baking stadium ! Fuck iron chef , we be IRON BAKERS !

By Alana;;xo April 13, 2012

Green Earth

Hippie Gnomes ftw ! This store has everything and anything you could ever want , love this place <3

By Alana;;xo April 13, 2012

Ed Hardy Perfume

Just discovered my new secret weapon ;) (L) I'm in love . # I smell freakin amazing :D

By Alana;;xo April 11, 2012

Stache Friday

Lol , I just got the cheers app yesterday , and today I wake up to a bunch of people with mustaches! Im game ;) happy first Stache Friday to me !

By Alana;;xo April 6, 2012

THE Drinking Game: KINGS

Best past time ! The game where everyone wins ! #go big or go home, get fucked or get goin (y)

By Alana;;xo April 6, 2012

Doing My First Tattoo

My lovely friend Emma is an aspiring tattoo artist and she decided to take me under her wing and show me the ropes . This is my official first tattoo on her , it may have been to just touch hers up but I'm damn proud nevertheless. (: had a little slip up ...

By Alana;;xo April 6, 2012

This Is Milla :)

She is my sexy bitch :) always makes my day brighter , so thankful to see this happy face when I come home . <3 #animalsRpeople2

By Alana;;xo April 5, 2012